Rules on Posting our Releases on Other Sites

Rules on Posting our Releases on Other Sites

So here are some rules before posting our releases on other sites (Mangafox, Mangahere, etc.):

  1. Wait for 24 hours after the release on our site for you to share it on the other site.
    Batoto is the only exception since we are the ones that upload it there.
  2. Do not remove our credits.
  3. Don't claim our releases as yours. That's not cool.

That's it, short and sweet!
Thanks for your continued support, and enjoy reading!


Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

I wanted to say, you are doing an amazing job! It is so difficult to get manga in Ireland, only for you, I would miss so much! Whenever I can, I always buy my manga. My most prized possession is mt Tomie manga, Junji Ito is the greatest mangaka ever!
I have a question for you... Are there any plans to translate Kuchisake-onna? I bought the manga on ebay (French language!) and of course I do not speak French! I tried Google translate but French is not a good language for Google!

I would love to see this manga translated, you would make mine and a lot of other people's Christmases if you translated this great urban legenbd!
Thanks agaion and keep up the great work. Oh and Happy Christmas :D