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► Ghost Heights Management Association / one-shot by Junji Ito

► Mountain of Gods: Precipice of the Unknown one-shot by Junji Ito

► UMEZZ KAZUO & ME / one-shot by Junji Ito


► PHANTOM MANSION / by Junji Ito

► RIBS WOMAN / by Junji Ito

► She is a Slow Walker / by Junji Ito (collaboration with Daniel Lau)

► Breakaway / by Nakayama Masaaki


► 13-nin no Short Suspense and Horror / various mangaka

► Fuan no Tane Plus vol.2  / By Masaaki Nakayama

► Hell Mother / by Kanako Inuki

[THWOJI] vol.7 / by Junji Ito

► [THWOJI] vol.8 / by Junji Ito

► [THWOJI] vol.9 / by Junji Ito

#4 - Intruder

► [THWOJI] vol.10 / by Junji Ito

► [THWOJI] vol.11 / by Junji Ito

► [THWOJI] vol.13 / by Junji Ito

#2 - Gravetown

► [THWOJI] vol.14 / by Junji Ito


    Anonymous said...

    Oh. My. God. What you guys are doing is heroic. I've looked so long for a place where I could read those Junji Ito-shorts, when you've read Museum of Terror, Uzumaki, Gio three times around you kinda need new things. This almost made me cry with happiness!
    (Actually it made me jump upside down and scared the crap out of my boyfriend, so it's all good fun.)
    PLEASE keep doing what you're doing, you are doing fantastic work and even though I don't see many comments, it's really really appreciated. If I could contribute in any helpful way, I would demand to, alas, I am doomed to be just a reader.

    I am forever in your debt, regards, Olivia

    (I'm also gonna leave my e-mail here because I don't want to be anonymous but my internet was bugging me... )

    Anonymous said...

    You guys are so awesome! I'm a fan of Junji Ito's stories and you guys are just amazing for translating his works! I'm so happy!! Thank you so much for taking the time to translate his stories for the rest of his fans to enjoy!!

    thanks so much!!

    Unknown said...

    Dear Slug Chicks team,

    This is an amazing blog! As a fanatic of horror, Junji Ito, and manga, this makes me burst with excitement and joy. :D I wish you much success on your horror ventures and wish to help you however I can, if I can. ^^ Keep releasing horror manga, even if not from Mr. Ito; it's to die for~

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you so much for translating these comics! I've been looking everywhere for them! again, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! YOU RULE

    I do have a suggestion though. I think it would be great if you borrowed the other Junji Ito mangas that are already translated on Guromanga and mangareader to your website.

    Anonymous said...

    God bless you guys!

    Anonymous said...

    I never knew that Horror manga such as this existed. I guess manga is more diverse than I anticipated. Thank you for introducing me to the world of horror manga!

    Anonymous said...

    thank u so much . Your blog is amazing <3 keep going <3

    OhDaneea said...

    thankyou my friend . i been looking for junji ito works for months ... you guys so awesome . anyway , can i put your link in my blog ? and made some reviews? i'll credit you guys for that :) you can email me at or just go to my blog .thanks :)

    Anonymous said...

    thank you guys so much for translating the rest of ito junji's work

    Anonymous said...

    You guys are awesome. I just wish there is a torrent bundle for all of your release.

    scorp29 said...

    Really enjoying those stories you traducted; continue this good work x3

    Anonymous said...

    nice... ^_^
    thanks for the scanlation and the translation...

    smokey said...
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    Anonymous said...

    This is nice, but a bit weird, seems fake, I mean not my style of horror, but inspirational.

    tarun jyoti said...

    Hello folks, I am so so soooo happy to find you guys, I am hooked on Junji Ito's works ... But guess what now I am hooked on all sort of wierd and creepy.. I have become a 100% genuine Horror Manga fan.. Keep up the good work folks... Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!