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[Slug Chicks Halloween Release] - Slit-Mouthed Woman, Fear, and Shiro Ihon

Happy Halloween to everyone!

We do apologize for our delay in releasing new chapters. Most of the members are currently busy at the moment. So we'll give you guys a triple release this Halloween!

Here's a new series scanlated by yours truly, Kanako Inuki's Legend of the Slit-mouthed Woman. This series consist of different legend/horror stories to read. The slit mouthed woman itself consist of almost a hundred pages so it took a while to have this scanlated.

Next is chapter 5 of Shiro Ihon. I know you miss this series. 2 chapters left before this manga is at its end.

And finally, since we have release some chapters in volume 2, we retract back the untranslated chapters from chapter 1 and here you go! here's chapter 4 from Umezz Kazuo's Fear

we hope you enjoy our releases this day and we'll do our best to give you the best scanlations when it comes to horror manga.

enjoy reading!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

[KOUISHOU RADIO] Vol. 3 - Chapters 37-49

This will be last volume we will scanlate for Kouishou Radio. we only notice that there's already an official english version of this until volume 5. I know this may be a down to others but don't worry guys, we might give a little surprise to everyone soon!.

in the mean time, do enjoy the remaining chapters of the 3rd volume. as it's still weird as it gets.

enjoy reading!

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[Kouishou Radio] Vol. 3 Chapter 32-36

After how many months, the long wait is over!

here's the first 5 chapters of Volume 3.

Again, giving a huge thank you to Aishia for delivering us the raws from vol. 1 -3. We do apologize that it had taken a while for us to scanlate it but here it now!

enjoy reading!

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Website Under Construction!

As you're seeing right now, our page is a bit weird for now since we're fixing some things.

I also decided to have our releases be on the same post just like what we're doing before. even I'm having a bit of a hassle as getting the link of the chapter in Mangadex. I'm going to fix them when I have the time.

So on our future releases, you can see our actual releases on the post itself! Though, I'll still upload our releases on Mangadex just in case our Blogger went down. You can follow us on our Mangadex account here.

I do apologize for the inconvenience and thank you as well!

Stay tune for our future releases!

- Charm | Slug Chicks

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

[AKA IHON] 05 - Dead Human

here's Chapter 5 of Aka Ihon everyone.


I'm not sure to everyone if it's a trigger warning but there's a page that's a bit close to Physical Abuse so we're reminding everyone about it.

We are still in need of Japanese translators of the moment. Give us a message on our Facebook page or email at Slug-chicks@live.com if you're interested to be a part of the team ^^

enjoy reading!

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[When The Girl Breaks] Chapter #9: When the Girl Breaks + Extra

This concludes the final chapter of the manga When the Girl Breaks.

Thanks to everyone who continued to read this manga. it's not that really a horror type but the weirdness of every story attracts and makes it creepy.

again we're currently in need of japanese translators. you can send us a message at Slug-chicks@live.com or drop by a message on our Facebook Page.

Thank you!

READ ONLINE | DOWNLOAD (Chapter 9) DOWNLOAD (Extra chapter)

enjoy reading!

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[AKA IHON] 01 - The House Blocked by a Tree

We present to you a new series in our projects, Aka Ihon.

If you're familiar with it's prequel Kuro Ihon, and anticipating the next stories, then it's today.

Consist of stories from the author Hokazono Masaya and art by Takaminato Motosuke

also a huge thanks to Baxter Barclay for providing the raws for the whole series! so much thanks from the SC team!

enjoy reading!

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[Wish Fulfillment vol.1] Chapter 7: This is My Wish

The 1st Volume of the series is done!

We decided to release 1 chapter every 2 weeks due to limited staffs working on certain projects and also to give you a thrill in awaiting our releases.

Anyway, here is the final chapter of Wish Fulfillment Vol. 1

We are still looking for translators and editor :)
Enjoy reading

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[Wish Fulfillment vol.1] Chapter 6: The Beauty's Portrait

At last we're back with a new chapter.
More series will be released soon!

In the meantime, we are also in need of new members of the group.

We're currently recruiting 
  • Translators - Japanese and Chinese
  • Editors - you can choose either cleaner or typesetter or do both

Give us a message on our facebook page here us here if you're interested or e-mail us at Slug-chicks@live.com

Without further ado, here's chapter 6 of Wish Fulfillment.

Enjoy reading!

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We're Back!

Okay. well not totally back.

We're currently fixing our website. And as of now, we're going back to our blogspot site due to our domain issues. 

So here's just an overview on what's happening:

  • We have limited members as of now, few translator and just 1 cleaner and typesetter.
  • one of the admin is currently fixing the site for errors and such.
  • we're still continuing other chapters that were hold.
  • wait for our Kouishou Radio releases! Vol. 3 is on process.
  • We're currently using a 3rd party manga platform which is Mangadex as our manga reader. You can view our releases here.

If ever we miss any broken links, report it to us immediately by dropping by a message on our Facebook page or our sending us an e-mail at Slug-chicks@live.com.

Thank you to everyone and hope to give you guys more horror releases in the future!