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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hey everyone.
We're currently working out details of our domain name. In short: it's not free. In the meantime, you can still visit slug-chicks.blogspot.com and read/download all the scanlations.

Links *will not* work in the meantime. You can click on the title to read a chapter (instead of the "read online" link) and use the "tags" feature to look up particular stories.

As always, thank you for hanging I'm there with us!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Slug Chicks Update

We're sorry for the delayed releases. It's probably apparent, but we don't have as many active members as we did a couple years ago. For a while, we had the manpower to release a chapter every week! It just so happens that this isn't currently the case. Slowly but surely we're working on stuff, but releases will continue to be fewer and further between.

You can still track our releases on Facebook, and if you're interested (especially in cleaning or typesetting), email us at slug-chicks@live.com.

Keep creepin'~

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Daniel.AU X Slug Chicks: She is a Slow Walker

If you've read a handful of Junji Ito scanlations, you probably recognize the name Daniel Lau. He has been scanlating Junji Ito manga for years prior to Slug Chick's existance, including Hellstar Remina and Voices in the Dark. It was bittersweet when he reached out to us to work with him on this I Am A Hero spinoff, which will be his last Ito project. He will continue, however, to translate another of Kengo Hanazawa's projects, Boys on the Run. Check out his website here!

So shoutout to Daniel and all the hard work he's done for this creepy little community! He is the real Hero. And without further commentary, we hope you enjoy Junji Ito's She is a Slow Walker!

[ Find it here! ]

since the link is dead and we can no longer reach Daniel's site to where we can read it, I decided to upload it on our reader. Good thing we also have the file for you to download it also.


if by any chance you're able to get across Daniel Lau's site, let us know right away so we can have this post updated. Thank you.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Under Construction

We're aware right now most of the "read online" links aren't working. To everyone's dismay the reader hasn't ended up working out. Just know that we're working on restoring all the links and making the chapters available through here again.

We have a very limited number of active members right now, but know that while releases may be slow, we are still working on them! Expect more Wish Fulfillment, Fear, Kouishou Radio, and other titles. And as always, thank you for your patience and continued support!

-Kaiju Koi and Slug Chicks